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CISU Code of Conduct

The CISU Code of Conduct is a compilation of CISU's ethical and legal principles, sexual abuse protection policy, exploitation and abuse of power and anti-corruption policy. (Link to the Code of Conduct).


Irregularities and corruption

Projects implemented by Danish civil society organisations and their partners take place in countries where irregularities and corruption may occur, which causes major problems for the citizens’ public rights and general development. 

CISU focuses on the various aspects of corruption in the Code of Conduct, and by strengthening the Danish CSOs and their partners' capacity to prevent and handle corruption.


Corruption and irregularities must be reported

As stated in the CISU Guidelines for the Pool of Funds managed by CISU, all organisations receiving grants from CISU must immediately report to CISU, if they discover (or have reason to suspect) fraud, corruption, misuse or other irregularities of the grant.

In this context, CISU is not a 'counterparty', but will provide advice and assistance to clarify and resolve the specific case. 

A Form for reporting irregularities (in english) can be found on this webpage Reporting of cases (NB! the page itself is in Danish)

Reported cases, which undergo closer scrutiny, will continuously be presented on the Danish CISU website. 
See the list of cases here.


Complaints, Reporting of abuse and whistleblowing

If you wish to submit a complaints, report suspected abuse etc. please fill in the complaint form here