Our impact on our partners - what does research tell us?

Discuss with researchers on the value of our solidarity.


15-09-2024 - Kl. 09:15-11:15


Askov Højskole
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Anders Reimers Larsen

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  • Get insights into what international research has to say about the type of partnership that many of you operate through.
  • Discuss further with each other and the researcers what solidarity means
  • Get inspiration to how you as organisation can develop into a stronger organisation fit for the future development cooperation.


Primarily, we will be listening to a presentation by Professor Sara Kinsbergen from Radboud University who has been the lead researcher and author on this report: A comparative case study on the role of Danish, Dutch, Belgian and French ‘Citizen Initiatives for Global Solidarity’ in Nepal and Senegal.

Some of the conclusions include that it matters quite a lot which framework conditions that exist. From a Danish perspective, it actually means that the quality and sustainability of both projects and partnerships are higher due to the framework around the pooled funds (CISU, DH, CKU, DUF).

There are also conclusions around the more relational aspects of your partnerships that are interesting in the light of the discussions revolving around decolonisation and local leadership.

Professor Kinsbergen will speak more to the role of northern CSOs and solidarity role.

We will invite another researcher to spark the conversation and naturally invite you as participants to discuss these findings and together, we can look ahead.


Access the research report here:


About Professor Sara Kinsbergen:


Foto: Katarina Siig Søderberg/Operation Dagsværk

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