Unfolding the thoughts behind the new guidelines for the Civil Society Fund

Exploring the potentials in the new guidelines for your partnerships and future work


14-09-2024 - Kl. 09:00-11:45


Askov Højskole
Maltvej 1
Askov - Vejen


Theis Dencker

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Existing and new users of the Civil Society Fund


Participants will have a good understanding of the new guidelines for the Civil Society Fund and the thoughts behind it. Participants will also be able to see the potentials and limitations of the guidelines for their future work and partnerships.


This session will give you a deeper understanding of the thoughts behind the new Civil Society Fund. We will unfold some of the broader concepts and central changes in the coming guidelines and hear Global South-partners’ perspectives on these.

Examples of themes that may be discussed are the changing roles in the partnerships and the, potentially, new roles for Danish organisations. Or how locally led partnerships can look like and how you work with links between the Global South-partner and the community. Or how you work with non-formalised acters. 

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