Pige ved tavle Photo: Greta Simonaviciute, UFF Humana
Kvinde med forklæder sidder ved dæk Photo: Monica Mahona, Østafrikas Venner
Personer med mundbind læser brochurer Photo: Elsa Gómez Rosario Obregón, AXIS
OpEn-debat i telt på Klimafolkemødet Photo: Jacob Crawfurd

CISU - Civil Society in Development

CISU is Denmark's largest memberbased organisation for organisations engaged in global civil society work. Our members collaborate with local partners worldwide to advance democracy, human rights, and sustainable development.

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CISU is closed in weeks 28, 29 og 30. The secretariat opens again July 29th. Have a nice summer!   

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CISUs World Map

Dive into the CISU World Map to gain an insight into activities supported by CISU's open pools of funds as well as the many active Danish civil society organisations and their partners around the world.