The form below can be used for submitting complaints, reporting suspicions of abuse and whistleblowing.

Complaints are processed in accordance with CISU's Code of Conduct.

It is important to fill out the form adequately with as much detail as possible.

Please be aware that CISU must be able to ask follow-up questions. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can create an anonymous e-mail address, e.g. and insert this in the form below. The complaint will only be assessed if an e-mail address has been provided.

Please note, that the complaint submitted is assessed confidentially, but for technical reasons it may be available to CISU's webmaster.

If the case is of a nature, that it must be inaccessible to the webmaster and other technicians, you should only write contact details in the form. The complaints registrar will then contact you directly.

Indgiv en klage / Make a complaint

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