CISU - Civil Society in Development is Denmark's largest memberbased organisation for organisations engaged in global civil society work. Our members collaborate with local partners worldwide to advance a more just world.

CISU's members are diverse and represent a wide range of Danish civil society.

These member organisations work alongside partners across the globe to strengthen grassroots civil society, empowering communities to address their own challenges.

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How CISU works

CISU offers a platform for our member organisations to network and exchange experiences. We organise courses and events, offer advisory services, and provide guidance on everything from financial management in projects to organisational development and sustainable rights-based approaches.

CISU manages different pools of funds that provide financial support for development and humanitarian efforts, aiming to create sustainable changes. These funds operate under an impartial grant allocation system.

We also work to engage Danes in global issues. We want to make global awareness a public concern. That's why CISU manages OpEn - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Information and Engagement Fund.

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