For CISU, it's crucial that everyone can trust us with their personal information, knowing that we handle it in accordance with the applicable laws at all times.

All the personal data we collect about you is processed in compliance with the EU's  General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act

Collection of Personal Information

When you become a member of CISU, apply for a grant, sign up for an event, book advisory services, subscribe to CISU's newsletter, or simply navigate on CISU's website, we collect some personal information about you. This may include information such as your name, address, postal code, city, mobile number, organisational affiliation, and similar details. As a general rule, we do not collect sensitive personal information about you.

We use your information for various purposes, including administration of your membership, conducting events and advisory sessions, processing and managing approved grants, sending newsletters, and optimizing our website.

Cookies are also used on CISU's website to manage logins and to collect web statistics.

CISU's Policies and Procedures

All processing of personal data is subject to CISU's internal Privacy Policy; CISU's IT and Security Policy; CISU's Policy for Storage and Deletion of Personal Data; as well as CISU's procedures regarding lawful processing, deletion of data, data security breaches, and requests from data subjects.

CISU's privacy policy contains information related to what data we process; the purpose of the processing; and the legal basis for the processing. It also contains information on how long we retain your personal information and what rights you have as a data subject.

The register of processing activities contains the same information but in overview form.

CISU also has a photo policy that describes how CISU takes and uses pictures.

CISU's cookie policy contains information on which cookies we use; how you can avoid the use of cookies; and how you can potentially delete cookies.

Contact Us

Any questions regarding CISU's processing of your personal information should be directed to Liv Kira Seitzberg in the first instance. Email:, direct telephone: +45 6915 1975.

If you are dissatisfied with our handling of your personal information, you can complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency. Danish Data Protection Agency, Borgergade 28, 5th floor, 1300 Copenhagen K., telephone +45 3319 3200, email:

Would you like to know more? Contact:

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