kvindelig mekaniker retter på et dæk Photo: Monica Mahona, Østafrikas Venner

In connection with CISU's Annual General Assembly in 2024, there is once again a photo competition, where all member organisations can participate.

The best photos will be exhibited at the General Assembly, and the winning photo will receive 10,000 DKK and will be used for CISU's annual poster.


This year, the photo competition has four categories:


Partnership – can demonstrate how partnerships in action can be expressed, and what community and co-creation can look like.


Work at Home – can demonstrate both everyday life pictures and pictures of organisational work and informational activities in Denmark.


Contemplation – what does it look like when a person is deep in thoughts, plans are made, or insights are gained?


Symbolism – can be pictures where the story behind is less important, but what matters is what the picture can symbolise. It might be a road sign symbolising a strategy, a plant symbolising growth, or something entirely different.


How to participate

All member organisations can submit photos in all categories. The only requirement is that the organisation has the rights to use and share the image and has obtained relevant consent from individuals in the photos. By submitting, the organisation agrees to CISU using the photos to illustrate the work of our member organisations. If this is not the case, this should be expressed either at the time of submission or by contacting CISU subsequently.


Deadline is Sunday 7 April 2024. Photos can be uploaded here:

Indsend billede(r) til fotokonkurrencen

Navn på fotograf
I hvilken kategori er billedet indsendt?
Navn på den organisation, fotograften repræsenterer
Har organisationen rettigheder til billedet?
For eksempel tryksager, hjemmeside eller sociale medier.
Må CISU bruge billedet til andet end fotokonkurrencen?

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