This climate tool is primarily intended for organisations that are not already working with climate change actions as their core area of operation.   

As CISU, we want to support our members further integrate climate action in their development initiative. This tool can assist in identifying opportunities for climate action and provide inspiration to approaches and activities to climate action in development interventions. 

Integrating climate actions is defined as the inclusion of climate change related actions into sector implementation such as education or health. This is different from a “targeted” climate intervention approach. 

The climate tool can be used within a range of differentdevelopment initiatives ranging in size from small to relative larger intervention or programmes.  

The climate tool has two main sections with KEY QUESTIONS FOR YOUR ANALYSIS and one with practical inspiration on ACTIVITIES AND APPROACHES. This section also includes examples of outcomes and indicators related to climate action integration.  

It is geared to take point of departure in the SDGs or sectors that you already work in as a core area.

Download PDF: 'Climate integration tool' (All the tools)

Download PDF: 'Climate integration tool - SDG 4: Health'

Download PDF: 'Climate integration tool - SDG 5: education'

Download PDF: 'Climate integration tool - SDG 6: water and sanitation'

Download PDF: 'Climate integration tool - SDG 7: Sustainable energy'

Download PDF: 'Climate integration tool - SDG 8 and 12: Production, employment, value chains and microfinance'

Download PDF: 'Climate integration tool - SDG 2, 12, 15: Food security, agriculture and natural resources'

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